Imagination Atmospheres began in 2004 with a mission of designing creative kids rooms, and unique, fun spaces. During that time, we have traveled from New Hampshire to Texas, Ohio to Florida building custom kid spaces. Initially, we began almost exclusively as a designer for kids church areas and children’s ministry rooms. We still love working in church spaces but we have since branched out into pediatric office design as well as schools and daycare rooms. Our themed environments have ranged from Bible villages to Noah’s Ark rooms, to space stations, and Medieval towns to treehouses and jungles to Main Street villages and pirate ships. It’s been a fun couple of decades full of art and adventure!

In 2020 COVID-19 created a huge pause in our work schedule, as it did many businesses. During that time we examined what we had been doing for the past few years and what we want to continue to do. We questioned how we could best serve our clients. Where the most needs are and if we could meet those needs with what we do best. The theming industry has gone through many changes recently. Some of the largest theming companies have been purchased by even larger companies and continue to serve larger venues with gigantic budgets. We’ve always enjoyed working for smaller venues, creating custom environments, murals and props in more intimate spaces. We came to the conclusion that working for smaller venues is what we do best and it’s where we would like to continue in 2022 and beyond. Smaller to medium-sized churches, daycares, pediatric offices, retail stores and amusement facilities are where we feel like Imagination Atmospheres can best serve our clients.

It can be a challenge working with smaller budgets but we’ve become pretty creative in developing our custom interior designs for the budgets our clients approach us with. Let’s be honest, themed environments are not cheap. Anything custom made comes with a price tag to reflect its one-of-a-kind aspect. It is our mission at Imagination Atmospheres, however, to continue creating our custom themed environments at the most affordable price possible.

If you have followed our work and logged into our website in the past, one big change you will notice immediately is our web address. Since the beginning, we have always been located at While you can still reach us there, we feel our new address: more accurately describes what we do. We think it will make it easier for those who need a kids room designer, but don’t know our name, to find us. It’s another way we hope to make it easier to serve our clients.

We appreciate all of our clients who have invited us to transform their spaces with our custom art. Many have asked us to return multiple times and we thank you. As we continue to move into 2023 and 2024, we hope to continue traveling across the United States to meet new and established friends and to create new spaces for the kids!

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