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Your kids are your most valuable resource. The spaces in which they spend the majority of their life should be safe, inspiring and assist them in becoming the best people they can be.

Our Services

Turnkey Themed Rooms for Kids
We design, create and install commercial themed environments for kids from the beginning concepts to the finished occupation. Our designs are produced and customized for each individual client, which means the environment we build for your kids is unique to your facility. Our artists hand-paint, hand-carve and hand-sculpt almost every feature of your scenery. We keep “prefab” to an absolute minimum. Our themed environments are functional as well as practical and we specialize in small space theming for tighter budgets.

Design Consulting
Experience is vital and valuable when taking on a large project. If you are handling your own design work and have a capable production team, our years of experience as theming fabricators can help steer that team through the trials and tribulations of building your own environment. Whether you need consulting in the area of creative, technical or the entire package, we offer our experience in design, budgeting, materials, paint, airbrush, building, safety, sculpting, coatings, printing, hanging, installing and even marketing,

Church Theming and Murals, Pediatric Office Design, Daycares, Commercial Kids’ Rooms, Entertainment Facilities, Play Areas, Medical Facilities and Hospitals, Youth Centers, Retail and more.

We specialize in small-space venues with tighter budgets. Contact Us Today.

Our Team

Rick Baldwin
Rick Baldwin Studio, LLC
Owner, Creative Director

Rick has been Creative Director of Imagination Atmospheres since co-founding the company in 2004. “The decision to create Imagination Atmospheres came from a desire to combine several of my interests and abilities. I called upon my experience in technical theatre, cartooning, airbrush art and stand-up comedy and ended up with a company that creates fun, whimsical atmospheres for amazing clients!” As an award-winning cartoonist, Rick’s environments speak a language understood by kids and the kid-at-heart. His unique themed environments and murals pull you into a world of childlike imagination without ever being babyish or banal. “We create a lot of environments for kids but we create many for grown-ups as well. For us ‘boring’ is the enemy. At Imagination Atmospheres we strive for the unique and original.”

Brent Hooper
Brent Hooper Studios
Theming Specialist, Master Carpenter

As Imagination Atmospheres’ Master Carpenter, Brent Hooper cuts the lines and squares the edges. He graduated from the Memphis College of Art, with a Bachelors Degree in painting and drawing and earned his Masters Degree two years later from Southern Methodist University. After graduate school, Brent learned the techniques of the conservation and preservation of fine art and cherished artifacts. After working in the museum field for two decades, he joined the Imagination Atmospheres team. Brent’s art work is placed in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

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